Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Menswear Spring/Summer 2014









Alexander McQueen



3.1 Phillip Lim
All images taken from Vogue.com

From florals, to indigo, to lilac, to sheer, to bright colors, to man bags. Don't you just love it all? These are some of the trends you will be seeing in menswear this Spring and Summer. I was quite inspired, so I decided to switch it up a bit and flip it to womenswear. Here is today's slightly feminine take on these trends. I'm wearing an indigo top which is actually a short dress that is tucked in, my favorite lilac harem pants which I bought a few years ago in Paris, a Furla Candy Bag, zebra print flats, and the newest addition to my closet: A Midnight Squares Scarf from Maria Pinto's most recent M2057 collection.

More Spring/Summer Posts coming later this week!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring, is that you?

        After what feels like an eternity of bizarre weather, I've become a bit more pleased with Chicago these past couple of weeks. The days of hope are once again returning, reminding me of that time I fell in love with the city. I remember it was a hot fall afternoon and the sun was beating on my skin. Sun-kissed. It was warm and I fell in love with Chicago. That was all it took. It wasn't the awesome architecture, the atmosphere, the art scene, the food, or the incredible culture. (I'm exaggerating maybe a little, but hey I'm trying to make a point here). This, I am certain of: I am not the only one who wakes up everyday with a longing of seeing the sun once again. When a weather alert pops up on our phones that states a high of 30 degrees we find ourselves continuously asking, " Spring, is that…really you?" There's hope my fellow Chicagoans, there is hope.

Now that we've gotten that off our chests (because I know that is what you were thinking as well), let's change up this dramatic mood by making things a bit more lively, would you care to join me?

In  honor of Spring, no more heavy and dark coats. Instead we're in a world of bright, light, and bright!

Color tends to be one of the things people have the most trouble with in outfits. Don't be afraid to be bold. Try something new even if you think it might be too bright. At the same time, wear colors that will compliment your skin tone this season.

P.S. I just noticed that this was the same scarf I used for my Spring post last year, totally unplanned. Outfit remix indeed.

What is your take on Spring Fashion?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

That little Red Scarf

Happy Sunday! 

"All gone, a mere thought that seemed to make up the likeness of an emotion is no longer to be found. There's no longer a slight sense of fighting that lingers. So what is left then? A hope that holds up he foundation of my heart. It feels as if I no longer fit into this mold that I was subjected to. There once was a part of me that wanted to blend in with my surroundings, but just as "That little Red Scarf" I long to live outside the walls of conformity and find myself unable to go back to what I once lived. Onwards. Greater things await."


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Travel: St. Augustine

     A small trip to St. Augustine, Florida ended up taking me further back in history than what I imagined. As I walked down the small streets of St. Augustine I ran into the cutest vintage store. “The Way We Were” rested near the doorway. The dresses displayed on the windows quickly reminded me of the Fashion exhibit Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity I attended a few months ago at the art Institute of Chicago—breathtaking. As I entered, I was warmly greeted by one of the owners and was automatically transported to a number of eras, all of which I desired to be a part of. Here are some of the pictures I captured, there were too many cool pieces so I couldn’t capture them all. Now you have a good excuse to visit!

Gorgeous Details!
The hat in the middle was my ultimate favorite! 

If you happen to be in the St. Augustine area, don’t leave without entering this treasure filled store. Be sure to also take a look at some of their vintage pieces here & here. 

        Later on that day, we decided to have some lunch and journeyed over to O.C White’s Seafood. We managed to get a table on the second floor where we could see glimpses of the ocean from a distance. Now onto the food… I definitely recommend this place if you want a light and tasty lunch. For the main course I tried the Lunch Dutch Garlic Shrimp and the Lunch Shrimp Abaco. What impressed me the most about this restaurant was the freshness of the sauces and the fresh taste of the seafood. It’s such a treat when you find a place that doesn’t taste like you are eating right from a can (yuck!). You can say I was greatly satisfied. Though I wished the lunch menu had a broader selection of seafood, this was a good choice for lunch.

Lunch Shrimp Abaco
Lunch Dutch Garlic Shrimp

       Despite the chilly weather for us Floridians, it turned out to be a beautiful day for sightseeing!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Catalyst for Transformation

Happy Sunday!

For the past few weeks, I've been working on a story for the Love Nail Tree contest on Lookbook.nu & It's finally done. Love Nail Tree is a great clothing company that focuses on sharing stories in order to shape our culture. Check them out Here. Their focus and mission is truly inspiring!

Anyways here is the story along with today's ootd. It's a bit long, but I promise it's a great story!

       Selfless. A word I had no way of understanding until several months ago. You see, we go on with our lives in this bubble where only we are of importance. Our concerns, problems, and situations weigh us down in such a way that others cease to matter. For the longest time I thought my mentality in regards to selflessness changed once I surrendered my life fully and realized I could not do this thing called life on my own. So onwards I went, doing my best to meet standards that were not humanly possible to accomplish. Change in my life began, but the catalyst for the major transformation in my heart truly propelled when I put myself aside and looked at the issues of those who are brokenhearted. A broken world encircled with broken people. That is why this change has not reached its full potential yet nor will it ever. This change occurs everyday when I have to make myself carry my own cross, forget about my issues, and follow a Truth that is far beyond human understanding.

About a year ago, a group of young adults made up their mind to live selflessly outside of church walls, religious institutions, and outside the norm of charity organizations. This group of friends decided to go out into the streets of their city in order to show the individuals they encountered love. If the way we were living our lives wasn’t transforming our generation in some way then something was terribly wrong, that thought was our driving force. There was no goal to start neither a movement nor a lifestyle the ultimate goal became to make it our life mission to “love God and love people”. It began in downtown Tampa, a city like any other filled with people who seemed to have lost their purpose, their breath. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. What ended up happening was that we took the time to create relationships with people every week—from individuals hanging around in nightclubs to homeless people that were completely forgotten in our city. These people became our friends as we continued to hear their stories and share in their sufferings.

A few weeks ago we ran into our dear friend Tom only to find him in the darkest hole we’d ever seen him in. Tom had become one of the people who encouraged us along with the rest of the homeless people to keep our heads up. That night we found him sitting in the steps of the church downtown—hopeless and desperate due to his economic situation. Nothing we said seemed to be of help at that instance and each of us felt defeated as if all we built up had crumbled into lost ruins. We had gone out for a year now into the streets feeding these people, and providing for their physical and spiritual needs as much as we could. But that wasn’t enough. There had to be more we could do. That night we had no words, we could try and help though there was no denying the fact that we were soon to go home in our fancy cars and our warm beds to loving families that always provided food for us. The last thing we wanted was to treat people as charity cases. This was a wake up call. Even if we had the possible resources to meet the physical needs of each of these lives and take them out of the streets, there was something that meant much more to us. Tom was hurt, not able to look us in the face because he was afraid he was going to offend us as he hid a bottle of liquor in his palms. Our hearts began to break as our friend Tom was drenched in tears and intoxicated on those church steps. We had forgotten that we were dealing with real people with real hearts and real souls. As much as we wanted to bring about change, we learned that there is no possible way we could replace anyone’s heart or past situations in a heartbeat; the healing of broken hearts is only achieved by the One who crafted it with His very hands.

As I write, I realize this story is not about me being part of this group of young people who wanted to make a difference. This story is about every heart that has felt hopeless, hurt, abused, forgotten, unloved, and hated. Loving God and loving people is the way I understand selflessness. If we focus on the Truth that there is a perfect God who passionately pursues the hearts of imperfect people, hope will be found. So now I write, I paint, I dance only to tell the stories of the many whom fill up our cities and find themselves to be completely drowned by the darkness. We are Kingdom Culture.                         

Btw, Kingdom Culture is releasing their documentary in 20 days! So if you're in the FL area go to wearekc.org to reserve seats NOW & if you're not in the FL area- you should fly to FL & reserve your seats NOW :)

 And now for the goofy shots...

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