A very important question is in the air- How can one possibly prepare for wardrobe transitions each season? I honestly ask myself this question every time a drastic weather change is about to occur. Let's be real, I don't like to stick to all the so called "fashion rules" in womenswear because frankly, I break them all. But I can say this, there is absolutely NO need for you to throw out anything simply because it isn't considered "in" for this year's Fall/Winter. You will never know when you'll need your mom's old Nylon MC hammer pants that are sitting in the back of your closet. Kidding. You should definitely throw those away if they still exist. Actually, burn them. You'll thank me later.

So how do I transition? I recycle, I remix, and I stick to the colors/prints that go best with the season. Simple right? Oh!  And we mustn't forget the importance of accessories.

Here are 3 inspiration looks, casual and not so casual...

P.S. You are looking at a Style Guru Intern for College Fashionista! I'm So excited! Stay tuned for more OOTDs and style tips :)


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