Fashion & Art Gala Fundraiser for Flood Relief

Gotta love it when fashion and art come together to support a great cause.

Last night, the Fashion Industry Association of Florida (FIA) put together a Gala Fundraiser. May of this year was filled with news of devastation for the Balkan region. States of emergency were declared due to the destructive floods that swept these countries. Sadly, the Balkan floods caused thousands to lose homes and loved ones. FIA decided to step in and create a night of awareness through art and fashion. All the funds went directly to relief efforts in Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia.

The Gala was a perfect excuse to drag one of my closest friends along and the perfect excuse to wear my M2057 Franca Dress once again. Though the fashion scene is lacking in Florida, FIA does its best to put on events around the city in order to unite designers, artists, models, and industry professionals.

Here are a few shots from the Gala.

5 things I took away from this night

#1. It brought much awareness about the Balkan floods.

#2. It once again confirmed that one MUST get out of Florida if planning to pursue a career in the Fashion Industry. (Yay to Chi and NY!).

#3. We discovered this cool venue where the event took place- "Cheap Restaurant" I'm not quite sure how I feel about the name choice of this restaurant, yet it still had a cool ambience. Maybe I'll be back.

#4. Like I said before, it was a great excuse to dress up. There aren't many places or events that go on in Tampa Bay where people actually dress up. Unless you're going to the club… And that's definitely not our scene. Thumbs down for that.

#5. Bigger cities organize BETTER events. I'm sure we've all experienced that.

Side note, Number 5 shouldn't keep you from attending fashion events in smaller cities, if you're in the FL area definitely look at FIA events.

Just a few more weeks until I return to one of my favorite cities. In the meantime, I'll keep soaking up some Florida sun. I'm sure it will be missed once I embark on my 3rd Chicago winter! Wow. Time flies.


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