Behind the Knot- MONSIEUR PONT

Many have asked,

Why Monsieur Pont? Why begin this now?

I say, Why "Knot?" (See what I did there?
Ha. Because you need a "knot" to tie a bow tie.
No? Okay well... I've never been good at jokes anyway.)

Frankly, I don't know the answer to the whole timing thing. It just all fell into place now. It started as a small project for a friend that wanted me to design a menswear piece. I desired to create something that would be fun, and it worked. Menswear's focus on precision, sharpness and class is definitely what drew me to it the most. Though the world of menswear does not change drastically season to season as womenswear does, I still find myself wanting to be a part of the little change that has been occurring. From runways to our very streets, the world of menswear has become quite exciting.

So now bow ties, a timeless accessory that is so incredibly versatile and gives the gentleman the choice to be dressed up or dressed down. I love what I'm doing. Creating a small piece that could completely change the entire feel or look of an outfit is very special to me.

My goal in creating Monsieur Pont is simple: to make quality products and accessories that will give gentlemen the means to change up their wardrobe with confidence and ease.

Something that I've realized is how much my childhood has influenced this brand. The name was inspired by my father (Mister Puente). Class and sophistication are adjectives that one can tie not only his character but also to his dress. To this day, I have only seen my father in dress clothes. And when he wears jeans, you better believe that he will be wearing a belt and that his polo is tucked in. As a little girl, I remember him sitting on the floor playing with my toys while still looking his very best. Little did I know that seeing the image of this strong, wise, and sophisticated man would eventually shape what is known as Monsieur Pont today.
Monsieur Pont himself.

Gotta love the big poofy dress from the 90s. Thanks mom.

Making this brand personal was another aspect I wanted to focus on, as I feel that art and design must have a purpose and a motivation behind it. So there you have it, behind the knot.

Thanks for taking the time to read a small glimpse into the making of M.P!

Dapper, sophisticated,versatile, and timeless.

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Mademoiselle Pont.

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