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Happy Summer!

A quick snapshot of today's ootd^

I can go on and on about how excited I am for summer to be here, but then again that would take too long. Instead, I just wanted to share a few inspiration pieces for your summer wardrobe- for both men and women that is. You all know how much I love color for every season so it won't be of surprise in this post. Yes, I am about to include a number of images (S/S14) that have reoccurring trends within them, yet trends aren't necessarily crucial to being in style or fashionable. Following a trend is merely the individual's choice and desire. I say: understand which shapes, colors, prints, and  silhouettes flatter your body shape/skin tone and just rock them.

Alexander Wang
Alexis Mabille
Issey Miyake
3.1 Phillip Lim
Adam Andrascik
Adam Lippes
Alice by Temperley
As I mentioned before, don't just wear something because it's a trend or because it looks good on the store mannequins. Understand which shapes, colors, prints, and silhouettes flatter your body shape/skin tone and feel good wearing them.

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  1. Ahh we've just started winter here so it's all about knits and warm drinks for me, but enjoy the warmth!!

    Krissie x -


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