Spring, is that you?

        After what feels like an eternity of bizarre weather, I've become a bit more pleased with Chicago these past couple of weeks. The days of hope are once again returning, reminding me of that time I fell in love with the city. I remember it was a hot fall afternoon and the sun was beating on my skin. Sun-kissed. It was warm and I fell in love with Chicago. That was all it took. It wasn't the awesome architecture, the atmosphere, the art scene, the food, or the incredible culture. (I'm exaggerating maybe a little, but hey I'm trying to make a point here). This, I am certain of: I am not the only one who wakes up everyday with a longing of seeing the sun once again. When a weather alert pops up on our phones that states a high of 30 degrees we find ourselves continuously asking, " Spring, is that…really you?" There's hope my fellow Chicagoans, there is hope.

Now that we've gotten that off our chests (because I know that is what you were thinking as well), let's change up this dramatic mood by making things a bit more lively, would you care to join me?

In  honor of Spring, no more heavy and dark coats. Instead we're in a world of bright, light, and bright!

Color tends to be one of the things people have the most trouble with in outfits. Don't be afraid to be bold. Try something new even if you think it might be too bright. At the same time, wear colors that will compliment your skin tone this season.

P.S. I just noticed that this was the same scarf I used for my Spring post last year, totally unplanned. Outfit remix indeed.

What is your take on Spring Fashion?

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  1. You're looking good! Enjoy spring!


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