Winter in Florida

     What's the nice thing about winter in Florida? The weather (and that's about it). Hot and sunny afternoons instead of gloomy and freezing cold winter days. Though it rains a ton and the weather likes to be slightly bi-polar, you learn pretty quickly to take advantage of those hot sunny days even if you melt within 2 seconds of being outside. As much as I love being in a big city, I'm doing my best to soak up the sun before I head back to a real winter in the Chi.
       Today was one of those gorgeous sunny days, not too hot and not too cold; spontaneity had to take over in my book. A small 2 hour road-trip to Winter Park was the spontaneous adventure of the day. Cute little shops, yummy restaurants, and relaxing walks along the park.

 loose navy blouse//high-waited vintage white shorts// peacock necklace// brown flats


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