Fashion meets technology: Maria Pinto's New Line M2057 on Kickstarter

Hello dears,

I'm excited to tell you all about an awesome collection that has been designed by Chicago's very own Maria Pinto! I've had a chance over these past couple of weeks to take a look at the samples for this collection up close and personal, trust me when I say that they are fabulous. What I find most innovative about M2057 is the fabric choice for each of the garments: Jersey. The dresses and accessories are all made with liquid or form jersey from Italy which allows the versatility for different body types.

 Jersey? That's not something I would wear and look cute in. That's probably what you're thinking right? Well, I'm certain Maria Pinto's new designs will certainly change your mind about this fabric.

What else is special about this collection?
Aside from the great material, M2057 looks tremendous on anyone. I've seen many women of different age groups fashion these different styles in such a sophisticated way. Age has certainly not stopped them! Another special thing about this collection is that it will be produced in the U.S. (factories in New York and Chicago). To top it all off, M2057 by Maria Pinto doesn't just make versatility for body types a prominent factor, but it also creates versatility within styling. Most of the dresses can be worn with or without a belt, tights, jackets, all sorts of jewelry, and flats/heels. Great for every occasion and every season.

How can I get my hands on M2057?

Kickstarter is a new way to fund any form of creative projects online. Projects are funded by the public until the goal is met. And if the goal is met, backers pledging a certain amount receive rewards, in this case: dresses, accessories, jackets. M2057 will be up online until Monday Oct 14, 4:00pm. There are only 3 more days for M2057 to be funded so surf to Kickstarter and take a look at the entire collection. Don't miss out on adding one or maybe several of these pieces to your closet.

"Women want pieces that can keep up with their busy lives, make them feel beautiful and confident, have a high design quality and durability, but are still a good value. That was my inspiration for M2057 by Maria Pinto—to create pieces that are extremely versatile, lasting, and chic. M2057 is really about the modern woman, and what she wants and what she needs." 
-Maria Pinto

I hope you all enjoy this collection as much as I do,


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