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What is it about this generation that has caused everyday fashion to turn shift entirely?  For years, high-end designs paved the way for street style; now this has somewhat changed. Street style is now emerging and causing designers to seek innovative inspiration from everyday people that captures the public’s attention much more thoroughly.

I find this to be a prominent reflection of what I see in the very streets I walk through everyday. Walkways that represent people of diverse spheres: young professionals, artists, craftsmen, students, and bloggers, all showcasing individual looks: “Street Style”.

A generation’s desire to simply reflect who they are without the pressure of wearing designer brands or reflecting the looks of high-end magazines is even more prevalent in Chicago Street Style. The fashion industry in Chicago is currently evolving, though it’s not as fast paced as New York or Los Angeles this has allowed individuals to freely express their own sense of style.

One of the most exciting things about the path of fashion today is that street style looks tend to be a major source of inspiration for designers in order to determine the possibilities of future collections. I find this to be exciting, different, and can be transformed into possibilities for the fashion industry not only in Chicago but also in the numerous fashion cities of our nation.

Will individuals maintain the desire to freely express their individuality through fashion or will they feel the need to live up to the style expressed in magazines and runways as the industry in Chicago continues to grow?

As for me, I’m excited to see how the Chicago fashion industry continues to progress throughout the years. I’m even more excited to have a front row seat as I continue to roam the streets of this gorgeous city.

                                          Street style photos captured in different locations of Chicago.

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