The Show Must Go On!

Last night was a blast ! It was such a beautiful experience to see such amazing ballet dancers from all the different ballet companies. Their technique was jaw-dropping, I really could not take my eyes off of the beauty each of them portrayed.

 I remember my first big performance was when I had the chance to dance with Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker. I had a small part as a "Party Child" in the Nutcracker, yet it was a huge deal for me. I sat backstage far away from the wings yet I could hear the slight taps of pointe shoes hitting against the wooden floor as the professional dancers ran to take their positions on the stage. From afar, I would greatly admire the principals as they paced back and forth or stretched their legs up in the metal bars that aligned the backstage area.

It's truly an entirely different world backstage. Anything and everything always goes wrong. Hair pieces are lost, ballet shoes are misplaced, buttons and stitches undo themselves, someone enters from the wrong side of the stage. All these things happen yet the audience never finds out. The show must go on! Once you take your position on stage, everything that went wrong is all of a sudden fixed. It was a mystical world that I knew I wanted to be a part of, that's when my appreciation for this art commenced.

As I sat in the audience last night, I could see glimpses of the dancers waiting to go on stage within the stage's wings. It filled me with such joy (I might have shed a tear or two) because I knew exactly how they felt as excitement and anticipation built up in their stomachs. This brought me back to the memories of that little girl backstage admiring them. It's an incredible feeling to be up there. Words can't describe it.

I've decided to include this photo shoot I did a couple of months ago to show my lovely readers a glimpse of my dance side :)

                                                      And now, Last night's event...








              These theater lights made my pictures all pixelated ):



Dress: Vintage, Sunday in Brooklyn/// Shoes: Aldo/// Purse: Mustard Clutch
Accompanied by black/silver bangles and a knotted necklace

The Aldo heels and the clutch are my favorite!
Weekend = success.

Wish you all a blessed week!



  1. I love your look from last night and the photos of you in the red tights!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Your dress is absolutely amazeeeee....

  3. you're a dancer!
    how beautiful!

    i've never been to chicago before, but would LOVE to go, as like you said I've heard there are some amazing architecture there!

    did you move there for your dancing?


  4. That looks like such an amazing time! Great dancing pics too! I'm loving those shoes!

    Michelle, Fierce & Fashionable

  5. cute dear.., Great dance.
    Adore you somuch for that ballet<3


  6. Nice pics! I love ballet! XX

  7. You look like a great dancer! Wish I could dance like you!
    Beautiful dress, love the color!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Beautiful photos, you look gorgeous! ;*
    xoxo :*

  9. Hizo Alina!
    You look gorgeous in those pics! And let me remark that your hair is amazing!
    Thanks so much for dropping by, wanna follow each other? Let me know!
    Www. Mytrendyjournal. Com

  10. You look gorgeous with the dress.

  11. Your blog is really close to my interests! I adore everything that is related to ballet :D! It's more than amazing or marvelous.. It's a class itself and huge devotion to passion like dance. I envy you this show and your figure. You look just beautiful !<3

  12. oh my gosh you are so amazing it is not even funny. you should really be proud of yourself, you are a stunning dancer! it was also interesting to hear a bit about what goes on backstage. would love to hear more about life as a dancer!
    xx rae

  13. i love the 2nd picture! you look so elegant and the view is to die for too.

  14. Thank you so much <3


    Coline !

  15. You are one gorgeous ballerina !! Congrats for your skills girl !!!

    Hey check out my blog, see if you like it! Maybe you could follow:


  16. wow,your outfit is fabulous! I love your heels and your yellow clutch looks great with the purple dress!

  17. Really nice:) If you want go to my blog:)


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