My InstaLife: January & in between

Instagram has become my mini diary of photos that I really enjoy sharing with friends, it's such a fun way to capture meaningful moments through a simple shot with my phone. What I love most, is going back and looking at old photos and Instagram is just another lovely addition that allows me to do just that. This here is the first time I'm actually posting Instagram photos on my blog, so you guys are getting a sneak peak of what I do on a regular basis (fun, fun, fun...sometimes that is). Photos come with memories, sweet memories that might not last forever in real time, but remain in our hearts...

               1. Today's outfit of the day! Boyfriend jeans are the best. I must admit I'm really     
               enjoying this Florida winter break, definitely taking advantage of the warm temp before I  
               leave back to ice cold Chicago next week, yikes!
               2. My nails this week, I really dislike wearing the color pink (I'm not sure why I detest this      
               color on me) but I've made an exemption this time
               3. Last night I went out with some friends for sushi, It was delicious! Much needed girl's  
               night out.

               4. Some people have said in the past, that I look like a Bratz doll. Don't know about that I'll let  
               you be the judge (lol)
               5. Love love love this picture, it fills me with such excitement to think that I 
               live in this wonderful city. Took this photo my first week there- Chicago river. 
               6. Just looking out, thinking. 

                    7. This "mini bucket list" was created with two of my closest friends after hours of sitting 
                    in Chipotle catching up. We decided these are things that we were going to do before I  
                    leave back to far 1 thing has been checked off, too funny :)
                    8. Writing, journaling... here's just a glimpse of me reading my Bible and writing my  
                    thoughts down. I get a little too crazy with the doodling sometimes
                    9. I like to pretend I'm a chef. I think I do a pretty good job! (Couscous with veggies,      
                    parsley baked tilapia & honey/wine sauce) Recipe anyone?
                    10. New Kate Spade "Taxi" mittens and green nails

That was fun! Felt like I was writing a little story explaining all of these. I'll be sure to do "My InstaLife  Photos" every once in a while.

Hope this weekend is great for everyone, let's make the best out of next week! 



  1. Nice pictures. Have a great weekend.

    xx Mounia

  2. nice pics! love them

  3. Hello! I came across your blog and I'm loving it! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know in my blog and I'll follow you back :) XXX

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  5. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  6. Great pictures! I love that nail colour. x

    Fashion Landscape

  7. pretty amazing if you ask me

  8. I love instagram posts :) Looks like you've had a great month!!


  9. i always love seeing people's pictures of sushi rolls- i always always crave them! i wish i had a smart phone so i can post on instagram too, i think it'd be so fun to see people's days through their pictures :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. lovely!!

    kisses ♥

  11. Hello, i just started following you on GFC.
    I love your photos!
    I just started doing outfits posts, check out my blog and follow me back if you like :)

  12. Great pics! You hate your nails but i think they are beautiful!

  13. great instagram picts.
    hope we can follow each other on gfc and instagram as well.

  14. i love the color of your nail art dear :D



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