What a wonderful season

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and loved ones!
I couldn't get a full picture of my outfit that day, but I did get a couple of shots of the details, I was so excited to take out my glittered pumps out of their box, they've been sitting there for months just waiting for an excuse to get out. Christmas turned out to be the perfect day to wear them. Christmas time isn't quite over in my household yet, but I'm very excited for what is in store this next year: trips, plans, new friendships, adventures. As everyone prepares for the new year, keep these words in mind:

"Why wait for the new year to start fresh, to start a new chapter? The new year won't change anything, it'll be like any other year unless different actions commence in our lives. It's up to our hearts and own desires to want to change a circumstance. That new chapter in our lives can begin right now. Tomorrow isn't promised, let alone the new year."

Happy Weekend loves!


  1. love the pattern on the dress!
    so vintage!
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    xoxo Marika


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