A little break

This week I've had the chance to leave the city for a while and settle down for the Thanksgiving Holiday with my family. I journeyed to Boston for the first time today; here are a few pictures from my first day around town. This is such a cute city, but I must admit... I miss Chicago already!

A beautiful Day!

Really cool window displays :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving break, may it be blessed for you and your families.
I know many of us like to dress up for this occasion, so send me pictures of your outfits this week. I'd love to see what you all come up with this season!

Send them to transparent.dimensions@gmail.com - note there is a [dot] between transparent & dimensions.

Can't wait to hear from you all, I have a few projects to work on during this break so I'll be checking my email constantly. All work, some play...


  1. Wow. you're a fashion designer student, I wanted to be a fashion designer too. :)) Goodluck!


    1. Yes, I love it. Thanks for checking out my blog, I enjoyed yours a lot! (:



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