Wardrobe Transformation

 It's finally fall! Let's be honest, a lot of us might be freaking out about what to do with our wardrobe this season. Should I replace my entire spring/summer clothes? Do I really need to go shopping for whole new different styles? Great news...there is no need for you to start all over again this season. It's time to transform your pieces into styles that fit this season. Scarves, coats, boots are definitely a must, unless you think you can handle the weather in shorts and sandals of course. (If that's the case, good luck to you my friend).

My favorite part about this season's clothing is the layering of both dark and semi-bright colors. We all want to keep that whole "fall hues" ritual in our daily outfits, but spice things up by adding a little color with your tights, scarves, and hats! Don't be afraid to experiment a little with different pastel colors; designers weren't afraid to showcase this in the runways. Use your flowy print skirts/dresses and pair them up with tights and boots, grab you cardigans and layer coats/sweaters on top, take your scarves and tie them up in unique ways in order to mix & match your outfits. It might be a little intimidating at first, but fashion is all about discovering new dimensions. Go for it!

Series of possible outfits I put together to give ideas for this season womenswear/menswear fashion^

-Alina xoxo

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