The Leaves Are A'changing

I love walking to class everyday and seeing the changing of the leaves. This might sound a little random, but I really enjoy the crunching of the leaves as they press against the soles of my shoes. The sound tickles my ears and it just adds to the beautiful experience of looking at the leaves fall one by one. Before I get all deep and metaphoric about how much I love fall, I want to share a couple of my fall looks with you all, Here is what I have come up with within these past few days.

                                                      DIY Black ripped tights^

More looks to come soon!


  1. Jackie Garibay11/07/2012

    you're so cute Alina! i miss you tons and am so happy for you girl! (took this little break from studying to show you some love) :)

    1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! (:


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