A Day Out in the City

The greatest thing about living in Chicago is that there is always something to do. A boring day at home can turn into a very exciting day. All you have to do is take a walk in the street and trust me, you'll eventually bump into something.

I've only been in this city for about two months and yet there's so many places I have yet to visit. Yesterday, I had a blast hanging out with some friends around the city. We decided to finally do something after I finished my Friday class. The first destination: Pura Spa in the South Loop area where we got Mani-pedi's. It's been a while since I found a place that did a good job. So that's definitely a two-thumbs up!

Next, we went around the UIC area and found a shoe store. We ended up buying two pairs, one of which I will reveal later on tonight if not tomorrow.

Shoe therapy tends to make us girls a little excited so what was our next destination? Shopping! I wish I had more pictures of the day,but my phone died during our little adventure. Next time, I'll be sure to go a little crazy with pictures to make up for this... I could go on for hours about every store that we went in, but that would be a little much. Of course I got a little something for myself, a beautiful black dress. I don't wear black very often, but my eyes were drawn to it immediately and it fit perfectly. We were made for one another.

To finish off the day we went to dinner at this Italian restaurant. It was delicious. Piccolo Sogno, you really impressed me. Not only was the place cozy and adorable, the lighting was perfect. It wasn't like one of those restaurants where you can't see your own food cause' the lighting is so annoying. We treated ourselves to calamari and I ordered the Ravioli "Piccolo Sogno". It was light and simple yet full of flavor and texture (it literally melted in my mouth every time I took a bite). By the end of our adventure, I was so exhausted I plopped down on my bed to blog but ended up falling asleep.

Tonight, we continue our weekend fun by going to the theater. One of my friends was able to get us tickets to the production of Kinky Boots, where we'll be dressed in our best and enjoy the pre-party/mingling before the show starts (yummy appetizers!) So excited!
This time I'll have more pictures and I'll post tonight's outfit in a few days.

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