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I haven’t been posting much this week mainly because I wanted to save my excitement for this special post. I had the great opportunity of working at The Art of Fashion 2012 presented by StyleChicago.com. I am extremely exhausted from the long hours I helped out at the event, but it was so worth it! I'm still so excited about this event that I couldn't go to bed without writing a little something.

Stationed in Millenium Park, The designers featured were Barbara Bates, Borris Powell, Eva Pazola, Lara Miller, Michael Alan Stein, Michelle Tan, Nade Baer, Ruch (Ruchika Singh), SHALINI (Shalini Sharma), and SWABY (Shernett Swaby). Check out these designers online^

Though it was a gloomy, cold night and the rain had its own plans to interrupt the day, this definitely did not stop the show from going on. Every design that walked the runway portrayed the ideal beauty and flattering each woman desires. The collections shown were a preview of Summer/Spring 2013. The hues were mostly bright and solid colors with hints of sleek patterns and flowy silhouettes, perfect for the upcoming seasons we are so eager to get back to (so we can shield ourselves from the freezing cold that is; I think I’m the only one not looking forward to a cold winter).

These designers all blew my mind with their innovative and inspiring collections. I can’t wait to see what each of the designers come up with within the next few years. Successful weekend Chicago designers! Here are some pictures from the wonderful event:

Models practicing before the show

Looking all official with my clipboard and such before the show (sorry for the image quality, I couldn't figure out the lighting).
Behind the scenes work


 Thanks to all who made this event possible.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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